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Mike and Stephie
Jun 26, 2019

The Envirofirst Effluent Treatment System (ETS) is a proven, radical advance on all current methodologies for farm effluent treatment.

New Zealand, while still a world player in dairy production, has mounting issues around waterway pollution and pasture quality.

Key challenges:

  • Current methods of effluent treatment, while satisfactory for low intensity dairy units, are not scaleable to a level matching the intensity of today's markets.
  • Both operating costs to farmers and compliance costs are escalating, especially with the increasing public awareness of environmental impact and also the heavy penalties imposed by some local bodies
  • The current settling pond based systems are increasingly difficult and sometimes impossible to manage, due to climatic change and scale

The Envirofirst ETS approach uses radical, proven techniques to address these issues, and has arrived at an extremely effective and efficient, low maintenance unit which, once installed, rapidly becomes cashflow positive and and can make a very positive contribution to enviromental restoration and balance.

Interest in New Zealand and in the South Pacific is intense. We'll be continuing this post series with more details of cashflow, environmental and efficiency benefits

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