Envirofirst technology has two major areas of application

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Effluent managment in dairy farming

A cashflow positive solution for farm effluent management

Significant cashlow advantage for a low initial investment

The Envirofirst ETS is a remarkable advance on most existing options. It involves early Return On Investment (ROI), marketable byproducts and near zero public waterway impact.com

Typically 10 KW of bioenergy output per day

The Envirofirst ETS, using an innovative separation process can substantially reduce farm energy bill by providing clean, consistent biogas supply, independant of weather conditions

Highly fertile, supercharged manure

A proprietary process converts solid effluent elements into potentised for general agricultural use. This processed manure is a great option for farms using urea based fertilizer for pasture enrichment. It is also resellable for other agricultural and horticultural applications

`Clean, clear reusable water output

The water produced by the system is public waterway compliant and can also be used for cleaning and general irrigation use,

The Envirofirst team

A team of highly accomplished business, agricultural, environmental and legal specialists

Harjeet has been a principal figure in the New Zealand immigration scene for many years and has been a major contributor to New Zealand business, educational and cultural development. Harjeet brings extensive business, legal and cultural experience to the team. From humble beginnings in Fiji, he has, through service and diligence, earned significance in New Zealand and the South Pacific. Harjeet has been instrumental in creating a solid business and legal base for Envirofirst, each sharing their vision and passion for promoting the fruits of Harvinder's work in New Zealand

Harjeet Golian

Business / Legal Director

Harvinder is a talented environmental specialist with a strong focus on waste water management. He has directed the build and creation of several innovative waste water treatment facilities in India, and in association with his partners Harjeet and Barry has refined and developed a new system for widespread deployment in New Zealand and the Pacific

Harvinder Singh

Technical Director

Barry is an Insurance specialist who has received numerous awards. He has held several ownership stakes in a variety of different sectors and businesses including Mining, Financial Services and Real Estate groups throughout Australasia over the past 50 years.Whilst he's passionate in caring for others, he's also driven to see NZ benefit from Envirofirstnz technology helping farmers and small towns with waste water management systems.

Barry Fraser

Marketing Director


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